Your perfect vacation begins in Europe, a timeless place infused with the luxury, ambiance, and character of past and present. The ancient wonders, renaissance cities, and the unspoiled beauty of mountains, seas, and beaches await you. Enjoy sunny beaches on the romantic Greek Islands or along Spain's Mediterranean coast; the museums in Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Vienna or Florence; or tour ancient castles and archaeological ruins in Great Britain, Italy, or Eastern Europe.

5 Star Europe Resorts presents luxury resorts, all-inclusive resorts, and vacation villa rentals at Europe's grandest destinations featuring world class service fit for royalty and the best hospitality you will find anywhere in the world.

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Hotel De Paris
Built in 1864, The Hotel De Paris Is The Epitome Of Luxury And Elegance Set Directly On The Place Du Casino, Right Across The Famous Casino De Monte Carlo, It Is The Ideal Place To Stay And Enjoy Monte Carlo At Its Best. With Its Two Michelin Starred Restaurants, The World Famous Louis Xv Alain Ducasse And The Grill Set On The Eighth Floor Of

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Hotel De Paris
Melia Sancti Petri
Hotel Danieli
Mystique Santorini
Hotel De Crillon

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Latest Travel News from CNN - RSS Channel - App Travel Section

01/21/2019 03:52 AM
The world's first luxury hotel in space
Aurora Station is being billed as the world's first luxury hotel in orbit. Slated to open in 2021, it'll charge guests $9.5 million dollars.

01/18/2019 07:31 AM
$1 home deal triggers property stampede in Sambuca, Italy
Tempted by the deal offering homes for just over $1 in the town of Sambuca on Italy's island of Sicily? So's everyone else, deluging its deputy mayor with tens of thousands of enquiries.

01/17/2019 08:11 AM
Is ice swimming one of the secrets to Finnish happiness?
Finland ranks as the happiest country in the world. Could (voluntary) plunges into icy water — and the mental and physical health benefits associated with such a practice — be one of the reasons this country is so content?

01/18/2019 01:21 PM
How the shutdown has snarled Americans' travel plans
The partial US government shutdown raises all sorts of questions for travelers on topics from aviation safety and security to passports and national parks.

01/18/2019 01:13 PM
The shutdown hasn't shut down D.C.
There's no doubt that tourist attractions in Washington, D.C., are especially hard hit by the partial federal government shutdown.

01/20/2019 10:19 AM
Divers swim with rare great white shark
Divers off the coast of Hawaii spotted and then swam with a rare great white shark.

01/17/2019 05:26 PM
Indian woman becomes first to climb male-only mountain
A woman in southern India has become the first to climb a sacred mountain after a court lifted a local custom that prohibited females from scaling the peak.

01/16/2019 03:54 PM
CNN Travel's 19 places to visit in 2019
Whether you want to rest on a beach in the Caribbean, hike the world's most famous canyon, explore ancient ruins, eat world-famous cuisine or learn more at historically significant sites this year, CNN Travel has the right spot for you.

01/21/2019 08:35 AM
Luxe hotels you can afford to stay in
Just because you're not a member of the 1% doesn't mean you can't travel like you are. Below, we've handpicked 10 hotels around the globe that boast five star-worthy amenities -- think infinity pools, Instagrammable views, plush beds and exceptional service -- and are surprisingly affordable.

01/18/2019 08:13 AM
Historic hotel rooms and their legendary guests
Coco Chanel checked in to the Hôtel Ritz in Paris and left 34 years later, while in London, Claude Monet stayed at The Savoy, where he'd sit and paint the River Thames through the city's fog.

Latest Travel News from USA Today

GANNETT Syndication Service

01/20/2019 12:23 PM
Rick Steves: Exploring Europe’s hidden gems
Away from the tourist fray, these special spots are backwaters in the best sense of the word, each with its own genuine charm.

01/18/2019 07:23 AM
Amazing dams across the USA
See some of the biggest, most beautiful and historic dams in the United States.

01/18/2019 06:36 AM
Road trip scenes: Highlights on the drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas
Joshua trees, abandoned buildings, funny billboards, the Mojave Desert and the Mad Greek are just some highlights of this 290-mile ride.

01/20/2019 09:31 PM
Viral Vermont bachelor party: Free beer, a dislocated shoulder and a stuck Maserati
Will Novak went to a stranger's bachelor party in Vermont after being accidentally invited due to an email typo.

01/21/2019 03:52 PM
Eight ways to save as theme park ticket prices soar
The cost of tickets to Disney World, Universal Orlando and other theme park meccas is soaring. But don't panic. There are plenty of ways to save.

01/18/2019 01:01 PM
New York City on sale: Deep discounts on shows, restaurants, hotels starting Jan. 21
New York City introduces NYC Winter Outing starting Jan. 21. Restaurant meals, Broadway shows and other attractions will be steeply discounted.

01/17/2019 09:33 AM
10 cheap tropical vacations for 2019
Sunny getaways are more affordable than ever in warm-weather locales like India, Mexico and the Caribbean islands.

01/16/2019 11:33 AM
The 25 hottest inhabited places on Earth (3 are in the US)
Ready for warmer weather? In other parts of the country and around the world, the spring and summer months are not exactly pleasant times of year.

01/19/2019 07:30 AM
Snow: Flight cancellations now stretch into Sunday
Airlines are already canceling flights ahead of a new winter storm forecast to bring snow and ice from the Great Plains to the Midwest and Northeast.

01/18/2019 07:45 AM
Thanks to Delta, Martin Luther King Jr. park in Atlanta will open again despite shutdown
Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park in Atlanta will open again Saturday morning through Feb. 3.

Top Of USA Today Section


USATODAY - Today In the Sky

06/19/2017 08:04 PM
Allegiant : 28 new routes, 3 new cities part of its biggest expansion ever
Allegiant bills news as “largest-ever announcement of new service in the company’s history.”

06/18/2017 08:52 PM
Weather delays: Monday turned out to be a terrible day to fly
Air travelers faced major headaches Monday afternoon as a long line thunderstorms blocked flight paths from New England to the Gulf Coast. 

06/20/2017 03:48 AM
Qatar Airways CEO warns of 'lasting wound' from 'blockade'
CEO: Fliers are returning and again using Qatar as aviation hub after initial hit to business.

06/18/2017 07:03 PM
Paris Air Show day 1: A bigger 737, huge Airbus order and the president
See all the stories that made news from the opening day of the Paris Air Show.

06/19/2017 02:59 AM
Boeing unveils a bigger 737 in fight against Airbus
Boeing's plans for 'stretched' version of its 737 Max aircraft came at the Paris Air Show.

06/19/2017 12:24 AM
Paris Air Show 2017: Airbus lands first big deal on Monday
Airbus has clinched a deal for 100 single-aisle A320neo planes in its first big move at the show.

06/19/2017 12:36 AM
Paris Air Show: What to look for in 2017
Boeing-Airbus rivalry will again be huge, but there are other interesting story lines.

06/15/2017 06:37 PM
New era of budget travel? Norwegian begins Boeing 737 flights to Europe
Discount airline will be flying 12 Boeing 737 routes to Europe from small U.S. airports by fall.

06/16/2017 05:12 AM
Name that airport ... (Bangkok Suvarnabhumi)
UPDATE: The photo in this week's "name that airport" post is of Thailand's Suvarnabhumi Airport near Bangkok. 

06/16/2017 12:00 AM
Spirit Airlines adds new routes from Pittsburgh, Hartford
The budget carrier is growing at two of its newest cities with more flights to Florida.

Top Of USA Today Section


GANNETT Syndication Service

01/03/2019 05:59 AM
Amazing underwater hotel suite lets guests sleep with the fishes
The Muraka at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island features an underwater suite in addition to lavish overwater bedrooms and living areas.

01/05/2019 07:00 PM
The dirty truth about cleaning fees: Travelers complain as charges soar
Cleaning fees are popping up in hotels and vacation rentals everywhere. Here's how to know if they're legitimate.

01/10/2019 09:12 AM
Hotel renovations: Las Vegas, New Orleans, Florida properties show off overhauls
Hotels are starting the year with fresh looks. These are the most recent notable hotel renovations in the USA.

01/21/2019 08:34 AM
What to do when you're staying in an 800-year-old Irish castle
Sleep and play in a historic castle less than an hour from Galway

01/21/2019 03:00 AM
Caribbean honeymoons: Best resorts and hotels in Curaçao
What Curaçao may lack in Caribbean sass, it more than compensates with Dutch appeal.

01/19/2019 07:00 PM
Travel trend: Why people pack their own pillows
Today, you can find hotel guests who pack their own travel pillows for a variety of reasons, including comfort and cleanliness.

01/19/2019 12:28 AM
Five romantic resorts in Curaçao
What Curaçao may lack in Caribbean sass, it more than compensates with Dutch appeal.

01/17/2019 10:09 AM
Hotel dishwasher granted $21 million after being forced to work Sundays
A jury in Miami decided a hotel dishwasher should receive $21.5 million in damages Tuesday.

01/17/2019 01:25 PM
Marriott unveils name for its new unified loyalty program: Marriott Bonvoy
Marriott bought Starwood in 2016. It has finally merged their loyalty programs to form Marriott Bonvoy.

01/16/2019 03:00 AM
Take a sneak peek inside Hotel Fort Des Moines' $50 million top-to-bottom renovation
The historic Hotel Fort Des Moines, built in 1919, is undergoing a $50 million top-to-bottom renovation.

Top Of USA Today Section


GANNETT Syndication Service

01/16/2019 08:04 AM
National Trust names the most important, interesting places of the last 40 years
The National Trust for Historic Preservation has named 40 of the most important, interesting and quirky American places 40 years old or less.

01/16/2019 06:31 AM
Love steak frites? That’s all you can get at this classic French bistro in NYC
If you love steak frites, are seeking a bargain meal or simply want a fun dining experience, Le Relais de Venise L'Entrecôte has you covered.

01/21/2019 06:05 PM
The top 11 ski resorts in North America: Exclusive rankings
These rankings weigh things like town scene, variance of terrain, lodging base, and snow quality, to determine the top ski resorts.

01/21/2019 05:08 PM
11 best ski resorts for 2019
The rankings here weigh things like town scene, variance of terrain, lodging base, and snow quality.

01/21/2019 04:59 PM
Moonshine, ziplines and neon signs: 5 new Las Vegas attractions for 2019
New Las Vegas attractions include a zipline, a speakeasy and distillery and an outpost of the best bar in North America.

01/21/2019 10:00 AM
This Iowa restaurant is serving a chili burger on a cinnamon roll bun
It can't get any more Iowan than the pairing of hot, hearty chili with sweet, sticky cinnamon rolls. What's even better? Putting them on a burger.

01/21/2019 07:00 PM
Old Forester will make new rye whiskey for the first time in 150 years
Old Forester is closing in on a market trend: Rye whiskey. Its new Old Forester 100 Proof Rye will be available in February.

01/21/2019 08:41 AM
These 10 amazing film festivals are worth traveling for
Don't forget the popcorn

01/21/2019 08:38 AM
These are the best new attractions, hotels and restaurants of the past year
Add these new arrivals to your 2019 travel wish list

01/21/2019 08:34 AM
What to do when you're staying in an 800-year-old Irish castle
Sleep and play in a historic castle less than an hour from Galway

Top Of USA Today Section


Latest Travel News from the New York Times

NYT > Travel

01/21/2019 10:42 AM
Surfacing: In Britain, Enraptured by the Wild, Lonely and Remote
Rustic shelters called bothies — more than 100 of which are scattered throughout England, Wales and Scotland — are an indispensable, if little-known, element of British hill culture.
01/14/2019 11:33 AM
Explorer: A Family Ski Adventure in the Himalayas
Why can’t we go skiing in Austria, like everybody else? the writer’s wife asked. Instead, they were in Kashmir, where the powder’s thick, the crowds are thin and the territory is, well, disputed.
01/17/2019 03:00 AM
36 Hours: 36 Hours in Scottsdale
Midcentury design tours, locavore meals and hikes in the countryside are among the many diversions for weekend visitors.
01/16/2019 03:00 AM
Frugal Traveler: An Indian City Bursting With Action
The present-day version of Chennai in South India dates back to only the 1600s, so a relatively youthful exuberance should not come as a surprise.
01/18/2019 07:37 AM
Update: The Rise of Halal Tourism
Muslims now make up one of the fastest-growing segments of the global travel industry. In response, hotels and tour operators are increasingly trying to meet their dietary and religious needs.
01/17/2019 08:27 AM
Stocking Up at an Airline’s Garage Sale
It may be hard to imagine liking an airline enough to buy its old silverware and service carts, but at a monthly sale, lovers of Delta Air Lines snap up decommissioned items.
01/17/2019 03:00 AM
Bites: At Hidden Fish in San Diego, the Dance of the Omakase
Following the Japanese tradition, the chef creates a daily tasting menu and diners eat whatever they are served, here in 50- or 90-minute sittings.
01/17/2019 08:33 PM
5 Places: Five Places to Visit in London
In the East London neighborhood of Dalston, subterranean fashion shops, eclectic restaurants and a hopping indie music scene make for an unexpected slice of the city.
01/15/2019 08:27 PM
With Beaches, Wine and Buzz, Is This Australia’s Next Hot Place?
The remote Margaret River region has beauty, vineyards and an annual food and wine festival called the Gourmet Escape that is increasingly putting it on the map.
01/15/2019 03:00 AM
John Isner Is Always Looking for Extra Leg Room
For one of the tallest players in tennis, regularly flying around the world to play tournaments can be a challenge.
01/09/2019 03:00 AM
The 52 Places Traveler: Meet the 52 Places Traveler for 2019
“I’m ready to embrace all the uncertainty that comes with an opportunity like this and see where it takes me.”
01/02/2019 02:58 PM
How National Parks and Museums Are Affected by the Shutdown
With much of the federal government closed because of the budget standoff, museums are shuttered, tour guides are unavailable and trash is piling up.
01/05/2019 03:00 AM
Wirecutter: Five Carry-On Essentials for Travelers Who Love to Pack Light
It may seem counterintuitive, but packing less lets you do more. Here are some carry-on ideas that can handle multiple tasks so you carry less baggage, and can explore freely.
01/21/2019 03:16 PM
These Days, ‘You Practically Need a Ph.D.’ to Figure Out Frequent-Flier Status
Airlines’ most valuable customers — the ones who fly and spend the most — get lots of perks. For everyone else, it has become more complicated to qualify.
01/21/2019 01:13 PM
Government Shutdown: Updates on Where Things Stand
It’s now been a month since the government was open, and the partial shutdown has had wide-ranging effects across the United States.

Top Of New York Times Section


Top Of New York Times Section


Latest Travel Tips from ESL

wildlife explorer india -- 2018-05-08 08:51
To spot big predators at Indian National Parks are less simple as Africa, it demands a good deal of work and patience to place them through your best wildlife safari in south india. You can also come across all significant creatures at one place such as in Tanzania, but in India, you must travel to ...
Brett A Arbogast -- 2018-05-04 08:49 They have an on-line course and then you do the practicum. Do you know anyone that has done it this way?...
Concepts -- 2018-05-04 08:49
The slope station Shimla is a perfect goal for travelers over the globe. Shimla has perfectly arranged well-sew streets, capable organization, and faultless tidiness. Settled in the midst of the mysterious woods and staggering slopes, Shimla is situated at a normal elevation of around 2206 meters ab...
Sujain Thomas -- 2015-08-29 04:46
Travel Truths That Will Always Catch Up With You It doesn’t really matter whether you are one of those meticulous and go-by-the-book travelers or simply the fancy and footloose types without a care in the world, there are certain travel truths that will always catch up with you. You would have ten...
aggouni -- 2015-04-11 00:02
You may wonder what is the healthiest way to spend money? What causes us travel and be globetrotters? Where can a long trip on plane take us to? And where does the only palace exist in the United States? Discover 10 of the finest tourist facts that will introduce you to the world of travelling just ... -- 2015-03-01 09:13
Busted: Popular Travelling Myths Travelling is one of the THE rites of passage of the world. Everyone has this inherent need to travel whether they are from the stone age looking for better pastures or the new age man or woman looking to add some colour to life with a short trip abroad. Exploring ne...
Jude Tan -- 2014-04-26 06:50
So you've just had your Chinese visa stamped into your passport, your flights are booked, you have your farewell party sorted and it’s just a matter of days before the adventure begins. While a game of charades with your local waitress might be fun the first couple of times, getting chicken claw a...
Well jaded traveler -- 2014-00-22 18:18
When arriving in a new city, from my hotel room (which I always chose in the middle of the hotel area of the city), I walk to a nearby 5 star hotel. They always have a line of taxi cabs waiting in their drive way. They only allow good taxi drivers to pick up their guests. I don't know what the proce...
Peter Goudge -- 2014-00-22 18:09
Every person who has spent some time teaching and travelling around the world has a taxi story to share. Over the past 30 years or so that I’ve been teaching and travelling (with breaks in between), I can safely say that I’ve heard a taxi story from every continent. I’ve heard some shockers in...
Emily Austin -- 2014-00-04 18:29
Whether you are dealing with forest camping for the first time, or you are a frequent camper, a new outdoor tour will always be very thrilling and scary at the same time, especially if it includes camping within it. If you are planning a tour to India for experiencing ultimate fun and adventure, the...

Misc Travel Destinations & News

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